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Tokani Kids Class – Body Vocal



Tokani Kids Class invites you to discover rhythm with a music instrument we all have : our own body!

A drum being essentialy a resonance chamber, I want you to discover the different resonance chambers within your own body.    

In addition to body percussion techniques, the workshops will introduce you to vocal percussion techniques, such as the beat box (human rhythm box) and other rhythmic traditions from countries such as India, Korea and Latin America.

Within a school internship or extracurricular activities, the focus is on creativity and group dynamic. Rhythm composition and song creation will allow your goup to write their own song.

These workshops are open to children, from primary to secondary school.

Convenient, these workshops do not require any specific infrastructure or installation.

I will happily come over to the location of your choice.

We can create a school show based on what the children will have learned and created during the workshops.

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